How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing In 20 Minutes

Don’t let a lack of time keep you from getting into the inbound marketing game. As most of us lead busy lives, we usually can’t find the time to write that odd blog post or keep up with the twitterverse. It’s no secret, that it takes time and consistency in order to reap the benefits […]

How To Do Online Business: The Basics

Many of you have tried adwords, search engine optimization and even bought a few display ads (banners) to boost your website’s traffic and visibility. These actions don’t quite fulfill the criteria of online business. They are parts of it, but as individual actions, they just don’t do the trick and take you nowhere.

4 Corner Stones of Google Visibility

Good positioning in Google’s search results is the number one requirement for effective online business. Up to 45% of searchers click the first result so it’s not enough if you are listed on the first page if your competitors are ahead of you.

Cuutio Closes Investment Round Of 100.000 Euro, Launches Free Plan

Cuutio raised an investment of 100.000 euros, launches a free price plan and aims on rapid growth on the European market. HELSINKI, 2.5.2012 – Cuutio Software Ltd, a Finnish startup developing a SaaS-based inbound marketing software, has closed an investment round of 100.000 euros by angel investors. Among them are Pekka Koskinen, Esa Mäkeläinen, Charles […]

Inbound marketing made easy with Cuutio

The time for mass e-mails and ads is over. If you want to reach your customers, you have to be found when the customer is looking for information about your company’s products and services. Inbound marketing is based on the customer’s will to receive marketing messages so that you are found exactly when the customer […]

Tips for Search Engine Optimization

In a few simple steps, you can ensure that your website is found in Google when a potential client is searching for your products or services.

Don’t forget about your web presence when you renew your website!

Are you renewing your website? That’s great, but don’t forget about the search engine visibility you have already achieved for your current website. There is a great risk that your search engine ranking will drop when your website content and page addresses are renewed. Often when renewing a website the goal is primarily to increase […]

Does website analytics offer everything you need to monitor your web presence?

Website analytics programs have increased in popularity and most companies are using the free Google Analytics or the Finnish Snoobi website analytics. Website analytics is the first step towards tracking and improving your internet presence. Website analytics tells you how many visitors visit your website, which pages they visit and where they arrive from. Website analytics tells you how well your website is working.

Are you keeping ahead of your competitors on Google?

Even if your products are the best deal on the market, they won’t sell unless customers can find them. These days, Google acts as a battle ground for customers, and the same rules apply as with traditional businesses: great locations bring a greater number of customers.

How does your position in Google affect your brand?

A company should have a web presence that represents their brand. A company can simply not be a brand leader, if they are not found until the 8th page in the search engine results. A company cannot be customer-centric if the search words that customer’s use, lead them to a page that does not correspond to what they are looking for.