How does your position in Google affect your brand?

Are the products and services that your company offers the best? Or is your company the best for other reasons? We hope you think so! Above all, hopefully your clients agree with you.

Every company surely has an opinion of what ”differentiates us”. It could be great products, a wide variety of services, first-class customer service, great value for the price, a great team of employees or even all of these factors together. However, does every company have a clear view of how they appear from the outside? They should. Their competitive advantage, the company’s core message, and the brand message should be communicated to everyone from top management positions to the end-user. The company should live and breathe the brand throughout the whole production-chain.

Today’s consumer/customer is more prepared than ever before. They search for information from many different sources. They search for information where it is easily available and where there is a lot of it, that place is the Internet. Traditional direct marketing is already a thing of the past, and consumers want to choose what information and advertising they are exposed to. Luckily this is not a crisis for companies, because the modern consumer is also interactive; they discuss, tell and recommend products to others. Many companies would experience a crisis if they would not able to provide a variety of comprehensive information online for potential and current clients.

The brand leader must be found

A company should have a web presence that represents their brand. A company can simply not be a brand leader, if they are not found until the 8th page in the search engine results. A company cannot be customer-centric if the search words that customer’s use, lead them to a page that does not correspond to what they are looking for. And what about competitors? Can your product be superior if your competitors have a better position in the search results? No, it simply can’t. Your brand has a reputation, which consumers build based on the results in search engines, as well as the content on your website.

The discussions happening online with your clients should be based on your keywords and content that directly corresponds to their needs. You also need to keep in mind the power of word-of-mouth. Today’s consumer, together with other consumers, decides the value of your brand. If consumers are pleased with you, they will act as an extension to your marketing department by creating positive buzz about you.

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