Are you keeping ahead of your competitors on Google?

Even if your products are the best deal on the market, they won’t sell unless customers can find them. These days, Google acts as a battle ground for customers, and the same rules apply as with traditional businesses: great locations bring a greater number of customers.

Keeping up with search engine results manually is frustrating

Perhaps you have attempted to analyse how visible your competitors are on Google, and perhaps you have even collected keywords in Excel and tried to figure out where you stand among your competitors. Frustrating and time consuming, isn’t it? You need to take into account all possible keywords that may bring more companies into play. Thankfully, there’s Cuutio! Cuutio automatically aggregates competitor information from your inputs, and you can add new competitors and keywords whenever you come across them.

Know your competition in order to stand out

You can develop your website by keeping an eye on your competition. By adding new keywords your visibility will expand in search engines, and if you choose the right words you could become the most visible player in your field. When a potential customer finds your business through multiple keywords and you come up as the first search result, you are guaranteed to get more hits on your website. This should be reinforced by making sure that your website has the right content, which can be continuously developed by following what your competitors are doing right and where they are missing the mark. Don’t forget, that all changes in your competitors’ web visibility have a direct effect on your business.

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