Features in Cuutio: Multiple Domains, Local Search Engines

We’ve rolled out a lot of new features for Cuutio during the past few weeks. As some of you may have noticed, the Profile Settings panel has gone through some major changes. Here are a couple of most important ones you will find useful.

Multiple Domains

Many have requested for the possibility to add multiple domains to their Cuutio account. This is now possible in the Profile Settings panel.

Profile Settings - Addresses

You are able to add as many domains as needed to monitor your Google visibility more profoundly. For example, if you have www.company.com and www.company.net directing to your website, you should add both domains to Cuutio for their SERPs (Search Engine Result Positions) to be combined e.g. in the My Keywords view or to be compared to your competitors as one.

Another scenario could be that you have many websites with equal goals in visibility. These could be your primary website and individual campaign sites or landing pages with their own domains.

NOTE! Remember, Cuutio handles your domains exactly as they are written! Thus www.company.com is different from company.com (without www). If you are unsure which one is your primary domain, you can simply go to your website and see how the domain appears in the address field of your browser. That’s the one Google recognizes as your primary domain. You can of course add both to Cuutio. It’s all up to you!

Local Search Engines

Google wants to deliver relevant results for you wherever you are located. That’s why there are local Google domains for each country. For me, being in Finland, the local Google is www.google.fi. The trick is that Google values local results more in local search engine instances to deliver relevant results. If you search for some local service on www.google.es (Spain) and www.google.com, the results will be quite different.

Now you understand that it is very important to identify your target markets and choose the local search engines to be monitored in Cuutio. If you do not, and you settle for www.google.com, you won’t have a clue of your actual search engine visibility among your potential customers.

Profile Settings - Google Selection

You can add as many local search engines in Cuutio as your price plan allows. If you target customers in more than one country, you should really consider upgrading your account in order to be on top of things.

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