Using Alerts To Stay Informed Of Changes In Google Visibility

Alerts can be used to inform you or others when significant changes occur in your organic search engine visibility. This way you will be aware when, for example, your positions decrease. Alerts are always shown in top of the application and each alert rule can be configured to be sent to chosen recipients.

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Alerts: notifications

For Cuutio users to receive alerts automatically, they need to check the option ‘Send me alerts‘ in their User information. The alert recipients can also be managed in the alert tool. Basically all Cuutio users who have ‘Send me alerts‘ checked in their user details will receive alerts. To access alerts, choose Reporting and Reports from the main navigation.

NEW: list of new alerts

ARCHIVE: archived alerts

RULES: create and manage alert rules

Add alert

Click on Add alert to create a new alert. See detailed instructions on next page.

Delete alert

To delete an alert, click on the name in the list and click on Delete.

Edit alert

Click on the name of the alert in the list that you wish to edit. You will see the details underneath the list. Make the necessary changes and finally click Save alert.

Add alert

Go to Account settings, click on Alerts, next on Add Alert. You will see the following screen.

Alerts: add alert

Complete the following details:

Rule name

Enter a name for this alert.


Use Enable/Disable to (temporarily) switch an alert on or off.


Define in which situation you wish to have an alert sent:

Alerts: conditions


  • My position of any matching keyword
  • Competitor position of any matching keyword
  • My average position of all matching keywords
  • Competitor average position of all matching keywords
  • My highest position of a matching keyword
  • My lowest position of a matching keyword
  • Competitor highest position of a matching keyword
  • Competitor lowest position of a matching keyword


  • Is better than
  • Is worse than
  • Declines more than (includes a comparison time range)
  • Improves more than (includes a comparison time range)


Organic search result position

Time Span (included in highest and lowest metrics)

Select a time span for how many weeks the position should stay in wanted position before sending an alert.


If you choose eg. ‘My lowest position of a matching keyword’, ‘comparison: is better than’, ‘value: 11’ and ‘time span: 2’, you tell Cuutio to “send me an alert if a keyword’s organic position gets in to top 10 results in organic search and stays there for 2 weeks”.


Choose, optionally, which keyword groups (tags), search engines and competitor groups you wish to include in the alert. Leave these fields empty to include all keywords, search engines and competitors that you are monitoring.

  • Match only keywords with tags
    • Choose one or more predefined keyword groups by clicking the field. 
  • Match only search engines
    • Choose one or more search engines by clicking the field.
  • Match only competitors with tags
    • Choose one or more competitor groups by clicking the field (only with competitor metrics)


Choose if you wish the alert to be sent by email (Send email) or to be presented only inside the Cuutio app (No action).

Alerts: action

If you choose Send email, you can define whether you wish other Cuutio users to also receive the alert. If so, check the option Send email to users who have alerts enabled.

You can have the alert also sent to people who are not Cuutio users by entering their e-mail address(es) in the Recipients field.

You can also include custom subject and body content to your emails. Default alert text will always be added to the email body automatically.