Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Content Manager

Today, compelling content is at the forefront of any marketing activity. Whether it’s video, or just good old blog posts, delivering valuable and relevant content can be the difference in closing that sale.

Thanks to the Internet, publishing is now easier than ever. Your business no longer needs to spend entire marketing budgets on TV advertisements. Instead, you can publish your own content and have your target audience find you.

So, why does your business need a content manager?

For one, you need someone to oversee the entire process and has the time to focus exclusively on it.

This is where many businesses stumble, because there is no quarterback, and is generally a collective effort by employees. Publishing engaging content tends to drop down the priority list. And when content does get published it is generally of low quality and inconsistent. The content manager steps in here to maintain a consistent stream of quality content.

To get started, here are a couple things to look for in your content manager.

What To Look For In A Content Manager?

Good writing skills and excellent communicator

Since most of your communications online will be in writing, getting someone who knows their way with words is essential.

The person you choose to be in charge of creating content needs to be able to write for different mediums and demographics. And also know how to deliver information in a clear and concise way that appeals to people’s self interests.

Essentially, they need to be able to communicate your brand message in a way that allows you to sign up more customers.

Strong attention to detail

We all make mistakes, no matter how meticulously we check. However you need someone will be critical of their own work. And strive to ensure that when the content does go online, there are no major mistakes to be found.

While some spelling and grammar mistakes are inevitable, they do erode your credibility.

Another reason is that whomever you appoint, needs to make sure that whatever you push out achieves at least one business objective.

A social media wizard

Having someone who knows how to get your community energized and active usually tends to come in handy. Essentially you want somebody who can engage people and increase the number of shares so you can reach a wider audience.

Creative and passionate

The person you hire needs to be passionate about your product to write about it convincingly. It goes without saying that if you don’t believe in what you’re writing (and selling); you’re going to have bad time converting your audience to customers.

And the reason why you want someone creative is because you need to make your content appealing. There’s a ton of content already online, and you have to have something that makes you stand out and captures people’s attention.

Tech savvy

There’s no escaping the fact that occasional design changes to the blog and website will need to be made. It could be something like embedding a YouTube video, or putting a widget on the sidebar.

In addition to that, content goes beyond than just the regular blog posts. And also includes the publication of pictures and videos.

Which makes basic understanding of HTML and Photoshop an essential attribute to have in your content manager.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring in-house, or outsourcing the content manager role to a third party. The person needs to have all of the five things mentioned above if you’re serious about growing your online presence.

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