The Anatomy Of Remarkable Content

What makes content truly remarkable? Now that’s the question on the minds of every inbound marketer.

The whole foundation of inbound marketing is based upon publishing content your audience finds valuable. It can take the form of photos, blog posts, eBooks and even Podcasts. But behind it all, your content needs to have an appeal that makes people want to share it and act on your calls-to-action.

Yet, the beauty of it all is that you are only limited by your own creativity. The possibilities of creating remarkable content are endless. However there is a certain anatomy to it all, which we’ll look into in this post.

What Does It Take To Create Remarkable Content?

Keeping It Real

Content that’s remarkable shows how your product is being used in real-life situations. There’s a sense of authenticity when the photo of your product in use isn’t perfect.

For instance, you can ask your audience to submit their own photos, videos or stories. A great way to engage them is to run a competition and ask them to submit creative ways they are using your product.

It Gets To The Heart Of What People Want

One of the most important things your content needs to achieve is to give people what they want. Again, an easy way to find out is to just ask your audience.

In most cases, remarkable content usually helps people to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Make their lives easier
  • Do a better job
  • View how your product is being used and adds value to others

It’s Full Of Passion And Unique

This is where you can make a big difference in distinguishing yourself from everyone else. There’s a ton of content online, and the most effective weapon you have is to publish original content that is full of passion.

If you want your audience to care, your content needs to reflect your passion for what you’re publishing. It’s the easiest way to show every one that you care.

To be unique, create content that is fresh and new, ask yourself: What’s different about it? Why should people pay attention to it?

It’s Unexpected

Take a look at what gets shared the most online, and you will notice it’s content that has a surprising element. It’s how urban legends spread around, and how your audience will share your content to put your brand in front of more people.

The reason why this works is because it gets people curious about your content. Which also relates to the previous point of publishing something unique they haven’t seen before.

So there you have it, a simple guide to the anatomy of remarkable content. When was the last time you saw something remarkable? Feel free to share it in the comments, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

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