How To Publish Content Daily To Get The Most Out Of Inbound Marketing

Have you ever thought about how you can publish content on a daily basis?

Most people have come to think of content as being synonymous with writing blog posts. However, content is not limited to just the blogosphere, and it can be anything you create and upload to the web. Videos, pictures, tweets, status updates, eBooks, white papers and Podcasts – are all forms of content you can use for your inbound marketing.

In previous posts, we’ve preached that publishing frequently and consistently is vital to any success you want to achieve from your inbound marketing. But you’re probably wondering how you can find content to publish daily?

Here are a few ideas for daily publishing that will keep you on the minds of your audience.

Content You Can Publish Daily


Twitter is essentially a real-time feed of what’s going on in the world. You can share your blog posts, pictures, and news stories. Twitter also lets you save searches for topics relevant to your content and find people to engage who are tweeting on the matter.

A great desktop application to use is TweetDeck, as it allows you to schedule your updates both on twitter and Facebook. Plus you can set up various columns for your saved searches.

Best resource: TweetDeck

Sharing News Stories

Curating news stories is an easy way to publish content without too much effort and stay on top of whats happening in your industry. Spend some time in the morning and at the end of day to collect news that’s relevant to your audience.

Use an RSS reader, such as Google Reader (free) or Reeder (paid) to subscribe to related blogs and news outlets in your industry. You can also set up Google Alerts to send you emails whenever a relevant story is published.

Best resource: Reeder, Google Alerts, Google Reader

Commenting on blogs

Something that wasn’t mentioned earlier is that commenting on blogs is also content. They can be used to build links and attract visitors back to your site, if you post something of value.

You’ll be allowed to comment on most of the blogs you have subscribed to and most of them are probably using Disqus. Making it real easy to comment and share the post when you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Disqus profile.

Best resource: Disqus

User generated content

User generated content (UGC) is content that is created by the user and uploaded online. This type of content can take the form of pictures of your product found on Flickr or video reviews uploaded to YouTube.

Nevertheless, it’s content that you only need to look for and not create yourself. Plus it shows what other people are doing with your product that you can later publish and share on your blog.

Best resource: Flickr, YouTube, Reviews

In order to get the most out of inbound marketing, your first step is to start publishing content. Start off by following the advice in this blog post and making it a habit by reserving time everyday, ideally in the morning over a cup of coffee.

That is it for now, and as always; don’t forget to sign up for your free account at Cuutio.

Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

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