How To Set Yourself Up For More Twitter Followers

A lot of people signup to Twitter, and after a couple of days decide to give up and quit. That’s not to say Twitter is a useless tool for businesses and professionals. Just that some of us fail to grasp the value of typing away 140 characters and taking advantage of its huge user base.

When Twitter came out, the crowd was out proclaiming it to be a network where you can just dump a whole lot of garbage. Tweets ranged from what people were having for dinner, to insightful philosophical quotes. But it soon started showing its true advantages, as a social network to connect with other like-minded people.

As you might have noticed, you need folks connecting with you first, which is done by attracting followers and you following others. But before diving in head first into the Twitterverse, here are a few things to do for attracting more followers on Twitter.

Five Ways To Set Yourself Up For More Twitter Followers

A profile picture of yourself

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it’s a smiling picture of you, even better! Your profile picture can tell others a lot about yourself, and when attention spans last for mere seconds online – first impressions count!

Aim for something that’s casual and shows everyone what you’re like. Be personable and smile.

Tweet before you follow

Even though you’re new to Twitter, post some tweets before following others. People will check your profile and subsequently your tweets before deciding whether to follow you back.

Make sure your tweets deliver value. For instance, tweet interesting articles you’ve found, or help others by answering any questions they have.

Fill out your bio

Along with a friendly profile picture, always fill out the bio section of your profile.

This applies for any social network you’re on, it’s your opportunity to tell everyone who you are, what you believe in, what you do and what you’re going to tweet about.

It’s a small space to fill, but it can go a long way in attracting more followers. What you write is up to you. You can be smart, funny or just yourself with the bio, the important thing is that you have something there.

Link to your website

Your primary goal in any social media endeavor is to build traffic back to your site. Make sure your profile has a link back to your website. Some people may want to visit out of curiosity, while others will have a genuine business interest in what you’re selling.

Choose an easy to remember name

Also don’t forget to assign yourself a Twitter name that’s easy to remember. It’s all about real-time conversation on Twitter and an easily remembered name helps others to include you in that conversation.

Choose a name that’s short and has your real name in it. And in case it’s already taken, simply add “the” to make it @thejohndoe

You’ve probably noticed a theme by now to setting yourself up for more Twitter followers. And it boils down to letting people get to know you a little better when deciding to follow you. For more tips on how to be more engaging, check out Five Easy Steps To Engaging Your Community Like A Pro

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