Five Tips To Revitalizing Your Facebook Business Page For Better Engagement

So you got a Facebook page with a couple hundred fans, who don’t really seem to care when you post something new. You were probably expecting to gain more from Facebook in terms of engagement. But somehow ended up with a passive business page.

There can be various reasons behind this inactivity. But it doesn’t take a genius to realize that something needs to change – especially if you want to start experiencing the benefits Facebook can deliver for your business.

So how can you begin to revitalize your Facebook page – and start attracting the attention of your fans?

Five Tips To Revitalizing Your Facebook Business Page

Shorter status updates

According to Buddy Media, Facebook posts less than 80 characters increase engagement by 27%. While you may have a lot to say, anything longer than three lines usually puts people off.

Instead, keep your posts simple, but witty at the same time. And treat your status updates as more of a call to action to the content where they can read more.


Did you know that 52% of consumers stopped following a brand on Facebook because the information it posted had become “too repetitive and boring”?

Breathe some life into your page by diversifying the content you post on it. Don’t just post text links, which tends to make your page look boring. Post high-quality photos and videos, to make your page more visually appealing.

Fill in the blank

A good way to drive more engagement and attract more comments is with the “Fill in the blank” status update.

You can use them to find out more about your audience and how they use your products. For example, “I use my smartphone to ________”.

Ask questions

Asking open-ended questions not only encourages more people to leave comments, but also allows you to ask for feedback on new products and features.

You could also start a discussion about a topic relevant to your audience by asking their opinion on the matter. However make sure to include the question at the end of your post for better results.

Post regularly

You won’t get more engagement if you don’t post anything! But when you do, have a schedule planned outlining what, how often and when you’re going to post.

The idea here is NOT to over flood people’s news feed, but to keep your business on top of their minds.

For better engagement with your audience, post one or two times a day, but keep it below five posts a week. Remember it’s the quality of your posts and not the quantity that will increase user engagement.

So there you have it, five tips to help you revitalize your Facebook business page. Wondering what kind of content you can publish? Then you might enjoy reading How To Publish Content Daily To Get The Most Out Of Inbound Marketing

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