Search Engine Optimization in Affiliate Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization is important for all websites. However, the SEO campaign depends on the industry you are in and your target audience. So, when you execute SEO for affiliates, you need to keep certain very crucial elements in mind.

SEO and Affiliate Marketing – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Original content

Although the products you display in your affiliate website might not be your own, you need to make sure that the content you publish on the pages in the form of product descriptions, reviews, comparisons and others is completely original.

Many affiliates make the mistake of copy-pasting descriptions from the original manufacturer’s page. This has to be avoided from SEO point of view.

Google expects every website to add unique value to a visitor’s experience. By duplicating content, you do not satisfy this ranking criterion. So, you don’t gain any brownie points from Google and your rankings do not improve.

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Limit affiliate program content

According to Google’s guidelines, you should limit the amount of affiliate program content on the site. In fact, this content should form a minor part of your website. A major portion should be allotted to informative and useful content.

This means that beyond publishing products and their descriptions, write articles that help users make informed decisions about buying products.

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Highly relevant linking

Link building forms an important part of SEO for affiliate marketing. However, you need to be very careful about the sites you link to.

For example, if you sell herbal products, link with websites that offer information on natural foods and herbal remedies instead of linking with fitness centers. Although websites on fitness centers might seem relevant, they follow a different line of thought and hence are less relevant.

Linking to high pagerank sites places you higher on the SEO ranks. To check pagerank, you can simply install a pagerank tool as an extension in your Google Chrome browser. When you open the site, its pagerank appears on the top bar of your browser.
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User community

Create a user community on your website. Integrate a forum where users can interact and share ideas. You can also encourage readers to leave comments and their experience of using the product.

A blog is another very effective way of creating a community. We’ve created a well-defined guideline for quality blog posts.

Building a user community gives you two benefits. First, members of the community add a lot of new content to your website on a regular basis. So, your site becomes a dynamic entity. Second, you increase loyalty and subsequently, notice steady growth of traffic to your website. Both these factors add a lot of value to your SEO efforts.

SEO is crucial for the success of affiliate marketing business. So, keep track of the changes in your website’s visibility with Cuutio and alter your techniques accordingly.

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