How to Investigate SEO Performance and Solve Content Related Issues

SEO & Content

Websites are all about relevant content and, in business cases, their main job is to generate leads and more business. However, too often we land on a website which is all about the company or their products without a hint of relevant information about how they actually solve their customer’s problem. Another issue is the lack of […]

4 Corner Stones of Google Visibility

Good positioning in Google’s search results is the number one requirement for effective online business. Up to 45% of searchers click the first result so it’s not enough if you are listed on the first page if your competitors are ahead of you.

Don’t forget about your web presence when you renew your website!

Are you renewing your website? That’s great, but don’t forget about the search engine visibility you have already achieved for your current website. There is a great risk that your search engine ranking will drop when your website content and page addresses are renewed. Often when renewing a website the goal is primarily to increase […]