What if you knew your exact positions and their development on Google – city by city? And search engine market shares between you and your competitors? Then you could focus your content marketing and advertisement resources where they are needed most. Right?

Search Engine Visibility

Keep yourself up to date on your positions on search engines compared to your competitors, your SEO performance and visibility development.

Content Marketing

Do you use your time and money to optimize your blog or other content? With Cuutio you can monitor the development of your visibility and you’ll always know where to focus your resources next.

Competitor monitoring

Let the competitive situation on Google help you into making informed decisions. Understand the power of competitive relationships on Google and their development over time.


Thousands of companies around the globe use Cuutio to strengthen their competitive position


Artur Surov

“The competitive insights provided by Cuutio have become an important part of our management team’s decision making. Recommended!”

Artur SurovDigital Marketing ManagerTechnopolis Plc
Katarina Ylikorkala

“I recommend Cuutio to everyone who wants to improve their positions on Google”

Katarina YlikorkalaBusiness DirectorLoiste
Tarja Lähdemäki

“With Cuutio we can serve our customers better and research for new business opportunities”

Tarja LähdemäkiClient DirectorValve
Charles Odinot

“We recommend Cuutio for all our customers who want to optimize their website rankings and keep a watch on the competition”

Charles OdinotCEOSnoobi B.V.

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  • #1 SEO tool, thousands of users in more than 40 countries

    With Cuutio, you’ll know how your visibility increases and you won’t get beaten by the competition anymore. You’ll know your exact search engine positions and will be able to develop your company’s visibility based on facts.

  • Alerts and reports

    Cuutio makes sure you’ll know when something significant happens in your visibility. You can customize all alerts and reports sent to an email address of your choosing.

  • Hassle-free signup

    To use Cuutio, you don’t need to install anything to your computer or website. Just sign up and you are immediately set to start monitoring your visibility and competition.

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