Rank tracking and competitor monitoring don’t get easier than this. Whether you are a content writer, sales hero, CEO, marketing manager or a SEO specialist, Cuutio provides you with essential and intuitive information about Google visibility of your website, insightful competition analysis and ideas of what to do next.


Rank Tracking and Content Performance

Manage your keywords, see how you are positioned on any local Google results and how your positions develop. Investigate which content your visitors see and how it performs compared to paid traffic

Competitor Monitoring

Be on top of your competitive landscape with Cuutio’s amazing market share visualizations. Dig in deeper into competitor groups to see how your market shares develop compared to your competitors.

Focus on the Essentials

Keep track of your visibility development, understand your content performance and competitive landscape. Let the automation do its magic and take actions where actions are required.

Competitor Monitoring

Is there a competitor ahead of you on Google’s organic search results taking in your customers?

Be always on top of your competition with Cuutio’s clear visualizations. Understand your market share development against different groups of competitors based on services or product categories – in any country or city.

Take advantage of Cuutio’s visualized competitive rank tracking features and use the competitive insights to focus your resources to win more sales.

With which keywords are your competitors found on Google
With which keywords you and your competitors are found on top of the search results
With which keywords your competitors are market leaders

“Cuutio’s competition insights have become an essential part of our management team’s decisions. Recommended!”

Artur SurovDigital Marketing ManagerTechnopolis Oyj

Keyword group visibility development

Single search engine rankings or keyword-specific results on Google’s search result pages are important, and are included as rank tracking features in Cuutio, but your visibility with different content themes, such as product or service categories, is even more crucial.

Cuutio keeps you easily updated on your visibility development with any product or service category. It’s an intuitive way to understand which content theme requires resources.

“We at Paymill monitor all our SEO tests with Cuutio because it is one of the only tools which gives you a full overview of keyword positions over time.”

Clarissa AmaralOnline Marketing Manager

Keyword rank tracking on Google

You need to know whether your potential customers find you on Google and how your Google rankings develop over time. Cuutio’s powerful rank tracking features let you do just that.

Monitor the results of your content marketing activities and offer the best possible user experience to the visitors interested in your products or services.

Keyowrd postions on Google

Always be on top of your keyword positions on Google’s search results, how your visibility develops and where you face issues.

By monitoring your search engine position development, you know how to focus actions such as search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

Landing pages and content marketing

Cuutio informs you about your actual landing pages with your important keywords – in other words: where your visitors land on your website.

By monitoring the effectiveness of your landing pages you can focus content development where it’s actually needed.

“We recommend Cuutio for all our customers who want to optimize their website rankings and keep a watch on the competition”

Charles OdinotCEOSnoobi B.V.

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