Keyword and Content Performance

Manage your keywords, see how you are positioned on any local search engine results and how your positions have developed during any time range. Investigate which content your visitors see and how it performs compared to paid traffic

Competition Analysis

Be always on top of your competitive situation with Cuutio’s amazing market share visualizations. Dig in deeper into competitor groups to see how your market shares develop within content themes in any country or city.

Focus on the Essentials

Keep track of your visibility development, understand your content performance and competitive situation. Let the automation do its magic and take actions where actions are needed.


A few example screenshots to demonstrate how some of Cuutio’s features can help you save time and resources and keep you updated on your visibility development.

Keyword Analytics
Keyword position history
Competitor Overview Example
Competition on Google
Keyword Details - Search Engine Results
Keyword suggestions and research

Heard from the users

“The competitive insights provided by Cuutio have become an important part of our management team’s decision making. Recommended!”

Artur SurovDigital Marketing ManagerTechnopolis Plc

“With Cuutio we understand better how our content development performs and can easily focus on important actions”

Minna RinneDigital Marketing SpecialistMoccamaster

“We monitor all our SEO tests with Cuutio because it is one of the only tools which gives you a full overview of keyword positions over time.”

Clarissa AmaralOnline Marketing ManagerPaymill

“We recommend Cuutio for all our customers who want to optimize their website rankings and keep a watch on the competition”

Charles OdinotCEOSnoobi B.V.

“With Cuutio we can serve our customers better and research for new business opportunities”

Tarja LähdemäkiClient DirectorValve

“Cuutio provides great value for our customers’ content development.”

Pirkko JokinenPartnerInspiratio

Whether you are a content writer, sales hero, CEO, marketing manager or a SEO specialist, Cuutio gives you essential information about the visibility performance of your website, insightful competition analysis and ideas of what to do next.

More Features

Search Engine Performance

Your visibility performance at a glance

With Cuutio, your search engine marketing or optimization decisions are no longer based on speculation. You will know which actions increase your visibility and you can monitor their development.
Easily monitor the online visibility of your products or services, compare your rankings in Google’s  search results with your competitors’ and thus keep track of your performance as a whole.
The dashboard shows you selected summaries on key visibility elements such as keyword performance and comparisons with organic rankings and organic traffic.

Increase your rankings in search results

  • Actual positions with all your keywords
  • Social media appearance on search engines
  • Keyword-specific trend within selected time range
  • All your keyword specific landing pages
  • Visitor performance
  • Compare organic and sponsored traffic with Adwords
  • Local results
  • Keyword grouping

Your rankings on Google’s search results have a direct impact on the number of visitors on your website. If you are not found on the first page on Google’s results (top 10), you are simply not found. Cuutio enables you to increase and maintain your position in the search results. Cuutio shows all your actual rankings on Google and to which landing page your visitors come.

Do you know where visitors land when they click on a search result? Sometimes they land on the home page, sometimes somewhere else, such as a page with news that is no longer relevant. Cuutio helps you understand which pages on your website are important landing pages and how visitors react to the content.

My Keywords
Competitor Monitoring

Increase your market share on Google

  • Visualized market shares on Google
  • Select keyword groups and competitors related to them to see insights about different business areas
  • Sort and view competitor relations with various rules
  • Gives you knowledge on where to focus your resources next

Monitor the market shares on search engines with easy-to-understand visualisations within Cuutio. Create competitor groups based on business areas and gain insights on how the markets develop during time.

It’s not always enough to be on Google’s first result page – you need to be on top of your competitors since that’s where the business is made. Cuutio helps you to focus on areas that require attention.

Keyword-specific competition on search engines

  • actual organic rankings of your competitors
  • investigate keyword groups and competitors related to them
  • who is ahead of you and who is behind
  • receive an alert if a competitor gets ahead of you

Cuutio also stores the first 100 results of each keyword every week. This yields an analysis for the results of each keyword both for you and for the competition. You may even find competitors you did not know existed as you find them listed higher in the results. Remember that different search terms and locations can also show different competitors on search engines.

Cuutio shows information on online competition in any country, region or city. It also shows you if your competitors use Adwords on your search terms.

Search Engine Competition monitoring
Keyword Performance

Be on top of any changes in your visibility

  • Compare average organic positions in a weekly basis
  • Keyword-specific trends within selected time range
  • Keyword group -specific trends within selected time range

Cuutio helps you to manage your important keywords and keyword groups. All results are indexed every week and it’s easy to monitor how each of your actions actually affect your rankings. If your positions on search engines increase or decrease, you’ll know immediately.

You can set up different kinds of customised alerts to be noted when significant changes in your visibility occur.

Discover new relevant keywords

  • keyword suggestions based on human search behavior
  • these keywords are used in relation with the keywords you are already monitoring with Cuutio

Cuutio suggests new search terms to be monitored and used in content and Adwords. Suggestions are based on actual human search behaviour on search engines.

This way, you will know which terms are actually used when people are searching for a product or a service. Hence, you can focus your actions, such as search engine optimisation and Google Adwords, on these keywords and stay ahead of the competition!

Keyword Suggestions
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