Does website analytics offer everything you need to monitor your web presence?

Website analytics programs have increased in popularity and most companies are using the free Google Analytics or the Finnish Snoobi website analytics. Website analytics is the first step towards tracking and improving your internet presence. Website analytics tells you how many visitors visit your website, which pages they visit and where they arrive from. Website analytics tells you how well your website is working.

Competition for customers begins before a potential customer arrives at a company’s website, and website analytics does not tell you how well a company and its products are found with a Google search. Website analytics also does not tell you anything about competitors. Other methods are needed for this.

Website analytics does not help analyze how a company is performing in search engines

It’s important to know the web presence of your company in Google – Google is often the place where a potential client discovers your business for the first time. Google’s importance for a company’s image and brand building is greatly underestimated. It’s also good to know how your competitors are doing. You can do this manually by Googling. If you have not done this in a while, I recommend you do that right away. Enter key words that potential clients would use to find your product and pay attention to the following things:

  1. Is your own business on the first results page? Are your products even an option for a potential client?
  2. What is the first search result for your company in Google? Is the title interesting and the description good? Would a potential client click on the link?
  3. To which page, aka landing page does the result link to? If the visitor clicks on the result, will they most likely become a client? Or do they use the back-button to go back to the search results and go to a competitors webpage?*

There are many important keywords for every business, and for each of them the business should ensure that they have a presence in a positive manner. Additionally you need to find out how your competitors are positioning? If you were the customer, which company’s product would you end up buying?

If you wanted to register a company in the USA, which result would you click?

If you did this exercise well, it probably took some time. The situation should be monitored at least on a monthly basis, so that you notice changes in time. You should monitor the results even more often than once a month if this exercise convinced you to do something about your web presence. If it felt like very hard work, you can let Cuutio do the work for you.

Website analytics tells you how high quality visitors arrive at your website

When you know how your company performs in Google, your website analytics reports will give you more insight. All of the sudden you will understand why certain keywords have a high bounce rate, why you are not ranking at all with important keywords or why they only rank with paid search. Website analytics tells you who has arrived at your website, and which keywords and landing pages generate the best conversions **

Cuutio utilizes the data from website analytics systems. When you begin using Cuutio and integrate it with a Google Analytics account, you will receive valuable information about your company’s web presence. You will learn which keywords generate high quality visitors, you’ll know the competitive situation for your keywords and what the landing pages of these keywords are on your website.

*  In website analytics bounce rate indicates how many visitors immediately clicked on the back button

** A conversion means how many visitors have fulfilled the goals of the page, for example sent an offer or purchased a product.

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