Don’t forget about your web presence when you renew your website!

Are you renewing your website? That’s great, but don’t forget about the search engine visibility you have already achieved for your current website. There is a great risk that your search engine ranking will drop when your website content and page addresses are renewed. Often when renewing a website the goal is primarily to increase search engine visibility, but at the final stages of the project, when the content of the website has to be put into place, search engine optimization is forgotten about. A few weeks after the implemented changes, the company begins to wonder why their website has dropped down in Google’s rankings.

These next steps allow you to ensure that your achieved visibility is maintained

1. Find out current keywords and landing pages

Before renewing or launching the website, identify which keywords have good visibility, and which landing pages the visitors are directed to. Also research the key metrics for your landing pages, such as the bounce rate. In your website renewal efforts you should focus on improving the “sellability” of your landing pages, so think thoroughly about the content and decide where you want the visitor to land.

Example: Google search of “journey hiking scotland”

With the search term “journey hiking scotland” Wilderness Scotland is able to rank on the first page out of 4.850,000 results with the help of the “A John Muir Journey through the Highlands” landing page. This page should not be removed by deleted or moving it elsewhere.

2. Create similar landing pages for the new website

    The old landing pages have to be found from the same address on the new website. This is not always possible, but no worries because you can use a 301 redirect to tell Google the address of the new page. If you do not do this, Google will next time arrive at a 404-page (Page not found) and the high ranked page will drop in the rankings.

    Read more about 301 redirects »

    3. Monitor the development of your page rankings for your new website

    When the new website is launched, it is good to track if your page ranking is improving; are the page rankings increasing or decreasing? Which new pages rank high? Should our search engine optimization focus on specific keywords?

    The search engine results (SERP) should be monitored very carefully when renewing your website.

    With Cuutio the initial analysis and monitoring becomes easy

    With Cuutio the landing pages for search words is clear. Cuutio automatically tells you where Google’s link directs the visitor (a landing page), when keywords are added to Cuutio.

    Cuutio shows all the Google results of a particular keyword, and you can quickly see the landing pages of different keywords. If you wish to go to the page, all you need to do is click on the link.

    Cuution helps you monitor how positions change, so you will immediately see if a position drops. Keep in mind that monitoring is not possible in retrospect, keywords and competitors have to be added to Cuutio, so once they are added, the monitoring begins.

    Cuutio collects your Google -positions on a weekly basis. In the picture, you can see that two keywords have dropped out of the results. It is most likely that the pages have been deleted, and therefore Google can no longer index them.

    Try Cuutio for free »

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