Inbound marketing made easy with Cuutio

The time for mass e-mails and ads is over. If you want to reach your customers, you have to be found when the customer is looking for information about your company’s products and services. Inbound marketing is based on the customer’s will to receive marketing messages so that you are found exactly when the customer is seeking information about your company.

Good presence in search engines is the foundation of inbound marketing.

The competition for clients already takes place on the first page of the search results. The keywords giving you web presence are absolutely crucial for your sales. Even though you may think your product is the first choice for potential clients, your business will not be found if it’s on the 7th page of the search results. The 2nd page is often not enough either. When you enter important keywords into Cuutio, you will find out how you are doing in Google.

This is how Cuutio helps you improve web presence:

  • Cuutio automatically finds the search engine positions of your search terms
  • Cuutio monitors changes on a weekly basis
  • Cuutio helps you find new search terms
  • Cuutio monitors the performance of your search terms
  • Cuutio alerts you when big changes in positions occurs
  • Cuutio shows you the entry pages of the search terms, also called landing pages
  • Cuutio shows you who is linking to your website
  • Cuutio shows your competitors’ positions
  • Cuutio alerts you if a competitor passes you in Google
  • Cuutio shows who links to your competitors’ website

Cuutio helps you improve and monitor your web presence, while simultaneously also monitoring your competitors’ web presence. Start your free trial today!

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