4 Corner Stones of Google Visibility

1. Good Position in Google Results

Good positioning in Google’s search results is the number one requirement for effective online business. Up to 45% of searchers click the first result so it’s not enough if you are listed on the first page if your competitors are ahead of you.

With Cuutio you are able to quickly examine your exact positions on Google:

2. Appealing Result / Link

The visible result on Google’s result page has a major effect on its click through rate. The most important part, Title, is taken from your website so you can decide what it says. Make sure your Titles are appealing and informative in all your important landing pages. The description is usually generated by Google, but you can suggest one by editing your meta descriptions.

With Cuutio you can easily pinpoint your important landing pages and see what your potential customers see on Google.

3. Landing Page That Answers the Question

Where do your potential customers land after clicking your results on Google? Is the landing page selling? Or do they go back to Google to find an alternative website – your competitor’s?

Comparing your landing pages to your competitors’ is quick and easy with Cuutio:

4. Remember to Suggest Actions (CTA, Call To Action)

So What? What does the potential customer do when he becomes interested in your service? Don’t trust them to search for your contact information and call you the next day. Give them an easy way to contact you immediately for example via a contact form. Forms are trackable with your onsite web analytics tool such as Google Analytics or Snoobi, so you can monitor your website’s conversions.

An example of daily conversion report (Snoobi web analytics):

Begin by creating a free Cuutio account to find out how you are doing right now compared to your competitors and how your keywords are actually performing.

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