How To Do Online Business: The Basics

Many of you have tried adwords, search engine optimization and even bought a few display ads (banners) to boost your website’s traffic and visibility. These actions don’t quite fulfill the criteria of online business. They are parts of it, but as individual actions, they just don’t do the trick and take you nowhere.

Identify Your Goals

Why you are pursuing for online visibility? What is it you want your customers to find? These are the first questions you should ask yourself.  Whatever the answer, you have to identify your goals in order to achieve them. Some examples could be:

  • I want to increase my product sales
  • I want my services available for online purchase
  • I’m tired of answering the phone
  • I want to spread my knowledge through good content
  • I’m good at what I do and I want to increase my online visibility

Without goals, you are like a ship cruising the seas without navigation.

Identify Your Target Groups

The corner stone of a successful business is a right target group. Think what kind of people you have to talk to in order to make them your customers.

  • who has the most use for your products or services?
  • who can afford your products or services?
  • do they have the luxury of time to do research or are they quick decision makers?
  • which online services they use?
  • from whom they go for advice when they are searching for answers to their needs?

When you know who to talk to and where to find them, it’s easier to pick the right words.

Create a Website For Your Customer

Don’t create your website to fulfill your own needs. Always ask: “How my customers will see and experience this?”. Remember usability. Your customers don’t want to search. They want to find. Be clear and organized with your content. When you know what your customers are looking for, it’s easy for you to create paths to your visitors. All the way to the happy place where they convert to paying customers.

As you go on creating the content, remember to use those words and phrases your potential customers are using on Google. Written content is the one most important element affecting your Google visibility. Make yourself familiar with the 4 corner stones of Google visibility,

Monitor Your Visibility and React On Changes

Begin to monitor your visibility and performance as early as possible, since it gets harder if you postpone it. Actually you should start your visibility monitoring with Cuutio as soon as you have a website. Monitor your Google positions on those keywords your customers use and find out who draws them away from you. You may very well have many keyword-specific competitors you never even knew about.

Integrate your on-site web analytics tool such as Google Analytics to Cuutio with a few clicks so you’ll know how your important keywords perform off-site and on-site. And what kind of visitors they draw in to your website.

These are the basics you need to understand in order to start building a successful online business. Start using Cuutio today.

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