7 Tips for Fast Writing and Content Creation

Whether you’re writing blog posts, eBooks or case studies – you’ll still have to buckle down and write.

There’s no doubt that publishing quality content on a regular basis is key to lead-generation and getting found on Google.

However, the main reason people shy away from getting their hands dirty with inbound marketing is typically down to time. “Oh I don’t have time to write blog posts” is the usual excuse.

But that’s a common misconception. It doesn’t take long to create a blog post that’s a minimum 300 words long, as long as you know what you’re talking about that is.

Here are a few tips to get you creating more content in less time.

7 Tips for Fast Writing and Content Creation

1. Turn up the music

Some folks like working in silence while others prefer listening to jazzy tunes while they write. We associate certain sounds with feelings, and when sitting down to write, choose something that gets you in the right mood for creating content.

2. Find a comfortable place

It could be anywhere; your desk, a cafe, library or a sofa. What’s important is that you find a place where you can concentrate and feel comfortable writing.

3. Switch off distractions

Nothing kills your writing mojo more than being interrupted by email notifications, checking your social networks and playing Clash of Clans. Turn off notifications, put away your mobile devices and put your word processor in full screen mode.

4. Distraction-free word application

Why full-screen mode? Well, programs like Microsoft Word give you vast array of formatting options, which basically end up distracting you.

To write fast you need something that’s lets you focus on the task at hand. Programs such as iA Writer (Mac) and WriteMonkey (Windows) are ideal for this and essential to getting your writing done in no time.

5. No editing and formatting

Have you ever been stuck on that one sentence which just doesn’t sound right? If you’re like me, you probably tweak your text while writing and probably look up statistics online and format on the go too.

You might think it saves time, but based on personal experience, it really doesn’t! Instead it disrupts the flow of writing and just slows you down. Continue writing and don’t look back until you’ve finished your first draft. Put a little mark on spots where you need to include a statistic.

6. Set a schedule

Allocate time when all you should be doing is writing content. What’s important is that you choose a time when writing comes easy to you. For me it’s during the night, while for other it’s early in the morning.

Also remember to set deadlines for when content needs to go live and stick to it! It will push you to get into a habit of writing and publishing regularly.

7. Pomodoro technique

Staying focused for hours on end is difficult. In the end you’ll be tempted to check your email or make a phone call. An efficient way of staying focused is to use something called the Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s.

You’ve already set aside some time to focus on writing, and now you’ll break that time into 25-minute intervals. After the 25mins have passed, you’ll take a 5mins break and repeat.

The simplest way to implement this is to use an egg time. But you can also use apps such as Focus Booster

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be on the way to publishing more content in less time. What are your tips to writing faster? Share them below, and don’t forget to follow us on Google+

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