How to Investigate SEO Performance and Solve Content Related Issues

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Websites are all about relevant content and, in business cases, their main job is to generate leads and more business. However, too often we land on a website which is all about the company or their products without a hint of relevant information about how they actually solve their customer’s problem.

Another issue is the lack of proper call to actions – elements directing the visitor forward within the site. It’s not very attractive to potential customers. Moreover, it usually doesn’t help to grow visibility or brand awareness.

So, how can visibility insights help you solve potential content related issues on your website? Let’s take a look!

Keywords and landing pages

First of all, you should always decide with which keywords you want to be found on Google. That is essential if you want to investigate your performance. Here’s an example from Cuutio’s My Keywords view with a one keyword row highlighted. In case you don’t have an account yet, open your free trial here.

Keywords and Landing Pages

  1. Look at the POSITION column. It tells you what your latest indexed position on selected Google was. Positions 1-10 are in the first result page, which is the place to be in general.
  2. Also, take a look at the TREND column to see that individual keyword’s position development during the selected TIME RANGE (default is 4 weeks). Your position seldom stays the same for very many weeks, so it’s good to know what kind of development of late there has been.
  3. The LANDING PAGE is the most important one in this case. Firstly it shows the content of your page title. That’s what the potential visitors see on Google, so be sure it’s something relevant.
  4. Now click the landing page title to investigate the actual page you bring your visitors to. This is your main page for those potential customers who search for the keyword in question. Is the content what you want it to be? Does it generate leads or sales? Do you have a call-to-action to push the visitor towards a conversion point?

[av_notification title=” color=’orange’ border=” custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’normal’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue81f’ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-3622af’]
Ask yourself : “Could I tell a new potential business contact in a bar to go to this page and trust the content to do the rest?”[/av_notification]

If your answer is “yes”, you’re good to go! In case you start wondering or answer “no”, you might want to go back and create something different. Maybe you need to change the way you provide the content, too. It’s always a good idea to use a professional when thinking about renewing your content structures or the whole website.

All in all, you should always focus on creating content that is valuable to your visitors. Make sure the content can be found and you’re well on your way towards more successful content marketing.

Open your free unlimited Cuutio trial and you’re immediately ready to investigate your own visibility and landing pages.

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